• At Virseges, we strive to make the world better through the creation and support of socially responsible products.
  • We use innovative technologies to build sustainable assets and continuously seek for favorable possibilities to give back to our communities. The successful delivery of a reliable, high-quality and efficient product is indelibly ingrained in our guiding principle.
  • We are consistently engaged in the ever-growing demand for clean, renewable energy.

Business Concept

Virseges is a global provider of efficient energy-management products as an integral part of its business and exploits the recurring income from reselling these devices. The primary source of revenue shall come from the monthly savings introduced through the use of these products. The company offers a consistent electricity bill savings based on the client’s energy consumption. The company maintains a residual income from its subscribers at regular intervals.

Products and Services

Virseges provides sustainable and cleaner sources of energy, thereby promoting the green economy. The initial offering includes a scalable and functionally designed product which will significantly decrease the client’s electricity bill for up to 40% of its monthly usage. Emplaced in these devices are power line monitors that detect frequency variations and voltage amplitude changes deemed essential to protect distribution panels and other electrical equipment. An equally impressive product capable of supplying steady and continuous power to support critical infrastructures currently undergoes thorough testing. It uses a 24-volt DC battery with an inverter technology that transforms linear power-source into a regulated sinusoidal power supply. The system redirects a fraction of its output to a high-frequency capacitor and efficiently looped back to the battery. Employed in its design is a new and disruptive technology that makes the most of switching transient circuits and the use of power electronics. Virseges is looking to conduct its operation at the present location to meet the growing demand for cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative sources of power.

Business Competitiveness

Apparent competition relatively comes from companies that currently hold a significant share of the energy-saving equipment in the market. Our focus is directed to a specific segment of the energy industry and with the continuous demand of electric power; we are confident to gain a successful outcome in our business model. In the future, Virseges will emplace intelligent sensors in our products, an integration that will enable us to continuously monitor and securely manage these systems close to real time.

Virseges’ devices will be priced competitively. The pricing will adhere to its goal of providing the public with alternative power while ensuring investment recovery before the end of its supported operational life cycle. Manufacturing of the product is handled locally which fairly shortens the implementation lead time and delivery.

Working partners will initially manage Virseges’ daily operation at its present location. Strong connections and referral networks among residential, manufacturing and industrial companies are expected to allow rapid entry of these products into the market.

For inquiries kindly email us: admin@virseges.com . We will get back to you  the soonest. Thank you.